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Also known as wanking, fingering, solo sex, self-pleasure, flicking the bean, tossing off, jerking off – just to name a few.

Whatever you call it, anyone, regardless of age, can masturbate, whether you’re female, male, trans, or intersex – it’s not just something “guys do”. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to do it or not to do it. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about exploring your own body and if you have pleasure doing it.

People masturbate for sexual pleasure in different ways, such as touching, stroking or rubbing the penis, clitoris, vulva, breasts, etc – whatever feels good. It’s also the safest form of sex and has healthy benefits of relieving stress and releasing tension, better sleep, relieving menstrual cramps and improve your self-esteem and body image.

Some people find more comfort in exploring their body once they start having sex or are in a relationship and that is normal too. Many people with partners still masturbate either alone or together during their relationship. When two people masturbate together – it’s called “mutual masturbation”, providing an opportunity for exciting sexual encounter without the same risk for STIs or pregnancy. Communicating with your partner about discovering what feels good can help you both learn about each other’s bodies and boundaries, and can be a very intimate experience leading to two very happy people.

It’s okay to masturbate as long as it’s done in a private place. The only time masturbation may be a problem is when it gets out of control and interferes with the rest of your life or hurts your genitals.

Check out the links below for information about what’s normal, how to masturbate, what’s safe, what’s OK, benefits, sex toys, and why people masturbate.

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