This page contains information to empower you to make your own decisions about your health, body and life because whoever you are, you have the right to make choices without fear, violence or discrimination. Check out the articles to get to know about your sexual and reproductive rights.

Elderly man and woman walking and holding hands
Yeah! on a card with balloons in background
Woman sitting in a cafe facing a man with angry look whose back is to camera.
red heart-shaped ceramic bowls of different sizes stacked one inside the other
hands gently holding a small white flower
cartoon depiction of an explosion with the word STOP! in the middle
You Can't Share That! No Permission? No right. Image shows a mobile phone with a cartoon of a man with a speech bubble "She doesn't know, but with a rack like that I'm sure she wouldn't mind me showing this 'round..." while looking at an image of a topless woman on his phone