Having a baby and parenthood

Hey you’ve decided you’re having a baby and as a soon to-be young parent you probably have have heaps of questions! Don’t worry all first-time parents (and already parents) at any age have questions about pregnancy and parenthood. The important thing is that continuing with the pregnancy is your choice and no one’s else!

Pregnancy is generally 40 weeks long before you become the primary carer of your newborn baby. Deciding to parent can be exciting as well as nerve-racking so check out these great sites that have lots of answers to questions you haven’t even thought about yet:

Having a Baby in Canberra

See information on planning your pregnancy at different stages and find local services.

Know4Sure: Your decision to parent

For young people – in plain speak – about pregnancy: your health, baby’s health, support, relationship, money, housing and education.

Raising Children – the Australian Parenting Website

Parenting videos, articles and apps for all stages of pregnancy and parenthood.

Brave Foundation

Resources, referrals and education for expecting and parenting teens in Australia.

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