Telling your partner about your STI status

If you find out that you have been diagnosed with a STI, it is important to tell your sexual partners that they might also be at risk. Ensuring partners are tested, take preventative measures and treated in a timely manner is responsible and reduces the chance of spreading the infection.

Discussing about STIs can be uncomfortable but it is necessary to talk about them. The best time to talk about your STI status is before you have sex (including oral sex). Depending on on which STI you have, you may have to tell your partner even earlier: If you have oral herpes, you should tell them before you kiss.

Check out Clue: How to tell your partner you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) for a step-by-step list.

Ways to let them know

Consider the best way to contact a past and current partner. Most people like to be told in person. Think whether there is a chance anyone else may read a SMS, email or letter. If yes, use an alternative method. For more information see Let them Know.